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A member of the Music Group JRB known for the Hit songs such as “Na man you be “ and “Jaiye” Is wanted by the Nigerian police for committing a same-sex intimate relationship with another member Of the Group. The Name of the accused as released by the Police is Charles Oluwaseyi Allen aka Benj . He was last spotted at his residence at First Unity estate Badore.

During a briefing on security and Current matters, the Area DPO of Ajah divisional district stated that “the police are gathering tips And surveillance data to make sure that Mr. Charles Oluwaseyi Allen is brought to justice for crimes of Homosexuality which is Punishable by law” Any information about his whereabouts should be sent or reported to the nearest police station.

He said that arrests have also been made in connection to this matter which involved another member of the men-only group (JRB).



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