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I could remember few days to 6th of Feb 2020, when your wife called, stating her intent to wish you happy birthday in a different but trending style.

It seems the idea stemed from the call to not keep doing same thing,same way and be expecting different result or better still, your 2020 birthday just hited differently that year, whichever way,it would go on been a different birthday, having been the last you celebrated as a living soul.

I agreed to be part of the surprise birthday Awnnnn Awnnnnn thing. Ibraz empolyed the service of a trumpeter, we took two people with us and headed to your house at eyenkorin, l could remember, we needed to stop and download songs to play in the car stereo to ensure we create the atmosphere expected for the day and by 6:00am we were already at your residence, where your wife was waiting with the cake to light up, l could remember how the trumpet sound lead us to your living room and you were blind folded by your wife leading the way through from the room to the parlor, I could remember you were surprised what could be going on, you asked if we slept at your place or we just were on time to your place.
We prayed,we sang and played song from the car tape,we created our fun on such occasion to commensurate your birth.

Fast forward to 8th Sept 2020 same year, it was the news of your death that woke me up around 6:00am, that Oluwaseun Abikoye aka chorusboy has departed the land of the living,l cried and I still do.

As we approach the month of your birth,l and ibraz were reminiscing about the birthday moment and he said,may be we shouldn’t have done the surprise birthday thing maybe you would you will still be here with us; he thought again and said, what if we didn’t do it and you left us like you did now that you are gone, what memories would we have! I could remember everything…

Adeiu Oluwaseun Abikoye (Chorusboy)
Written by Oluwafemi Ayodele (Oluwafizzy) in commensuration of 31yrs post_humor birthday of Oluwaseun Abikoye (chorusboy).



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  • Jimoh Obalowu Mustapha, February 6, 2021 @ 5:28 pm Reply

    Rest in peace “chorusmen”…. you are celebrated

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