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“Whenever you want to achieve something, keep your eyes open, concentrate and make sure you know exactly what it is you want. No one can hit their target with their eyes closed.. Paulo Coelo

Dear esteem readers , in the last five months or less our harmonious state witnessed different political wars staged,managed and fueled by the ruling party (APC) in the state, using the party gladiators/stakeholders to fight the governor. History has it on record that the fight for battle supremacy , who get what and an attempt to hijack the party structure from the governor is the major reason for the show of shame that eventually birthed the recent political enemy among the leaders of the ruling party in the state.

Shall we tell the governor that no matter the battle of supremacy going on in his party, the masses who voted him must not be affected in anyway, the governor must not loose guard while discharging his duty to the state he pledged to protect before any other interest,
his achievements in the last twenty one months is an assurance to the good people of the state that the governor will rebuild the state, his achievements in education, works, health and other sectors are pointers to the readiness of the governor to reshape the state.

Shall we tell the governor that those who have decided to outsmart the governor in the party are not saddled with any responsibility to control the affairs of the state, hence whatever strategy they employ to fight their political war is for their interest, but if care is not taken, his excellency may mix party politics with state duties, for whatever reason the governor must place the people first.

Shall we tell the governor that despite the political war from gladiators within his party, he have been performing excellently the reason why none of them can attack him for underperformance in discharging his duty to the state. The owo-ishowo ,the recent enrolment of another 21,000 indigent residents of the state to a regime of free healthcare services under the Basic Healthcare Provision Fund Programme — another huge takeaway of the counterpart funds recently paid by the administration. These are pointers to goodwill

Shall we tell the governor that the state civil servants welfarism deserves proper attention from any serious administration, hence the governor should not allow the NIGERIA LABOUR CONGRESS (Kwara State Chapter) to embark on her proposed strike for whatever reason, the governor advisers should do better this time , they must not rely on the industrial court injunction secured by the government against the union few months ago, mutual dialogue plays an important role to lay burning issues to rest.

Shall we tell the governor that the recent examination conducted for SUBEB/TESCOM Jobs seekers is another step towards the actualization of the government transparency crusade. To progressive Kwarans, the process is the best we had in decades but to those who have vowed to criticize the government on everything, they have played their cards to score their political points, alas the governor should mind them not.

Shall we tell the governor that no government will survive without cabinet, executive members who will see to the affairs of each ministries, commissions body who will watch the actions of different state parastatals. For the avoidance of doubt , the governor should learn from former governor of the State of Osun Rauf Aregbesola two years in office without cabinet, it was a poor outing overrated by social media.

Shall we tell the governor that his commitment towards constructing good roads in the state rural and urban areas is an indication that we have a governor who understand governance. Since his emergency as the new governor of the state , his administration have been able to construct/graded/ re fix more than 120 roads across the three senatorial districts of the state , as reported in the ministry of works and transportations annual magazine .

shall we tell the governor that if for whatever reason, his party crisis last through out his tenure , he should never place the interest of any party members first before the masses he sworn to protect, the governor should choose the people first before his interest or the interest of other party members. May AA succeed



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  • Onikoko Ridwan, February 27, 2021 @ 3:56 pm Reply

    Thanks for d genius advice my rep u are doing well all the Time.
    More ink to your pen.

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