Here comes the genius septuagenarian Balu legend, Alhaja Munirat Iya Tamiwo (Ariya Mother) who never saw the inside of any form of the classroom for learning or acquiring any form of knowledge, but whose rich works of art have become reference materials to researchers and academia all over the world; a self-tutored woman who is known for her boldness and wisdom.

In a tour of the lineage of praise music interlude with multiple award-winning chanter, Kasali Remilekun Maryam (RemmyChanter) breaks the air space in the twilight time of 19th May 2021 through a WhatsApp video Chat, where she submits her sonorous voice to the legend and seek for serial collaboration in the music industry to promote the Yoruba culture to the world.

The duo has sealed a deal to rebirth the Balu and Chanter genres.

This collaboration which will soon hit the airways will redefine music and will take us back to the roots where we will surely find tranquillity and peace.



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