THE METAVERSE IS A FAST RISING ENTITY AND BACKED BY MAJOR COMPANIES LIKE META(formerly Facebook) and Big Crypto currency and NFT players .The Metaverse incomes coin (MVIC) has announced the PRESALE of very limited MVIC TOKEN .
   The NFT giant trade centre which holds the world largest NFTs Market Place has announced that MVIC which is scoped by Gary Gynerchuk to be the Bitcoin of the METAVERSE  will be available to buy exclusively on their website METAVERSEINCOMES.COM before it lunches later in the year.
   MVIC token is focused on earning incomes and reshaping the metaverse, benefiting all holders. When transactions such as creating, minting of NFTs are made, the mint fee goes as profit to holders and helps in the liquidity process. Also, every transaction made with MVIC gives a percentage  to help with Liquidity
   Register and login to buy your MVIC TOKEN .
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