A video showing moment when a female student proposing to her fellow female student in a secondary school has gone viral.

In the video, a female student in school uniform is seen shyly walking to the middle of a courtyard while other students stand by the side, watching and cheering her.

When she gets to the middle of the courtyard, another female student in trousers approaches her, kneels, and proposes to her.

The girl in the skirt accepts the proposal and both students hug each other.

Behind the love birds are other students, holding placards to help the female student in trousers propose to the one in a skirt.

The video, believed to have been recorded in a school in South Africa, has gone viral and several people have a problem with it.

Nigerian actress, Uche Nnanna questioned why children in secondary school should be allowed to openly display love at all, let alone two girls engaging in a same-sex relationship.


Outrage as secondary school student goes on her knees to propose to another female student while other students cheer (video)


Watch the video below.



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