By, Abdulrahman Maryam

Patigi Local Government Area

In the last few years, we set out to run for the power shift in Kwara State. Our mission was to change the recycling of the dubious leaders and possibly inspire the states in the delivery of impressive governance.

We hoped that this would lead to a total overhauling of underdevelopment in Kwara North as a starting point and model.

Within the period, we set up a platform with a grassroots base. We named it the Coalition of Kwara North. It was duly registered. We received over 50 support groups, which showed uncommon support for our mission.

We were prepared to deliver good governance that would see to the prompt payment of salaries and retirement benefits to our senior citizens. We pledged to build not just roads, but also super highways that would connect our borders with other states and a ring road that would connect our local government areas.

We were set to deliver water and electricity to our cities and communities as well as impeccable environmental cleanliness.

We said that we would change the face of tourism with an annual festival that would attract the world as well as institutions and facilities that would host conferences and events.

We promised new Special Cities that would deliver modern agriculture, healthcare, entertainment, ICT, automobile, and sports.

We were determined to provide jobs to our people to keep them from the temptation to commit a crime and enhance their well-being as well as secure their future and the future of their children. Our solution was to build at least two industries in each of our local governments in four years. Our economy would have changed forever.

We had plans to secure our state using digital technology and a well-equipped Security and Public Safety Coordination Centre with adequate manpower. We committed to setting up an efficient state-funded security outfit and a Kwara State Identity Database to help fight crime.

We were ready to deliver world-class education to our people. We promised to run 24-hour governance that would enhance service delivery. We were prepared to make the Kwara people proud again.

Unfortunately, as we were doing these, some of our compatriots were busy conspiring and planting landmines to frustrate our rescue and transformation mission. We have witnessed betrayals and a high level of ingratitude on this journey. Yet we remained focused.

I think we have fought a good fight to redefine governance in our dear state. It is time to review this journey and take a well-considered decision for the unity of our state.

We have succeeded in opening the political space for greater participation. We have raised the consciousness of our people and opened their eyes to positive possibilities. Although these possibilities are today dimmed by fraudulent political practices, the light will never go out and we hope to rekindle the light by mentoring our youth in good governance, responsible political participation, and the finest practice of democracy.

It’s on this note I write our rational youth and elders to explore a visionary leader, an astute businessman, and a global advocate who was never involved in a corruptible act and always support his little capacity for the development of our dear North and Kwara State at large, it’s time to change the narrative and give hope to the masses.

New Nigeria People Party (NNPP) has acknowledged the receipt of our sleepless night and prayer for a better representative and give us a perceptive leader and serial entrepreneur, Dr. Kolo Baba Jiya as the preferred senatorial candidate.

Let’s support and vote New Nigeria People Party (NNPP) to let the masses enjoy the benefits and dividends of democracy.



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