By Amir Maher Mohammed, Lafiagi

Kwara North Senatorial district wallows in abject poverty ranging from dilapidated roads, epileptic power supply, poor education, inadequate amenities, misrepresentation, and dangling socio-economic developments. Those fundamental problems were born out of a lack of absolute techniques and know-how from those we have been electing to date. They will give us peanuts to sabotage our God-given electoral rights to our detriment.

Dr. Kolo Baba Jiya is a silent achiever who has contributed immensely towards the development of our constituency as a private man. He has done memorable things that will be a template for Kwara North of our dream. He (Dr. Kolo Baba Jiya Gakpan, Kpada District of Patigi local government of Kwara North Senatorial district) is contesting for SENATE under the aegis of the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP).

His emergence to represent us is supported by Senator Rabiu Kwankwaso (NNPP Presidential Candidate) of Kano who sees this brilliant entrepreneur as a grace to our community.

Kwankwaso believes our candidate will build on his footprints by ushering in grassroot developmental characteristics.

The real solutions are numerous, Godfathers should be dealt with. Members can be picked across the constituent local governments of our district to follow up on our prospective programs.

We will raise an emergency towards the need for government to attend to our looming problems. Areas to be addressed will be focused on; i.e all requisites needed for development will be designed. We will fix our roads, provide amenities, and facilitate international funds alongside the government to reinstate our long-lost education and other things.

Vote for Dr. Kolo Baba Jiya to emancipate yourselves

Your vote is your future
God bless Kwara North
God bless Kwara State
God bless the federal republic of Nigeria



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