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Why dem kan dey para, para, para? Para for me, why everybody kan dey para for me? Why them kan dey para para para for me? I had thought I was the only one who do feel pain when people just decided to point fingers at me even when it seems obvious that I had done nothing but to improve myself. Well, having listened to Davido’s latest song titled FEM, I no longer have to worry like before again.

The other day I had admired a young little girl speaking in phonics and I approached her like a gentle baby fish in need of food. For days I became her friend and always do appreciate her accent and speech. she was kind enough to put me through on how she trained herself.

But weeks after, I kept wondering why everybody kan dey para for me? My humble self in class was always reserved except when I do feel an urge to talk or do feel unsettled when there is an intellectual discourse. The other day I had barely finished talking when I had a thousand angry voices behind me. It was that moment I discovered that I was just but a little sheep in the midst of bees. It wasn’t because my answer wasn’t correct but my intelligent mates were just not happy that I had improved on my speech. why?

Morally, I was destabilized. I fell into a two weeks coma thinking about what I must have done wrong. But now listening to Davido latest song, I couldn’t but keep enjoying the lyrics while also encouraging myself. Some would say o boy you just dey talk too much, you just dey write too much. Then I kept wondering why dem kan dey para para para for me.
Before the whole matter get serious, I had to re-access myself and engage in some comparative stratum.

Davido is not me, neither am I davido. While my account is empty like a broken bucket, the open secret about me is that I am but a poor church rat whose wallet may soon start crying and shouting that I should stop carrying him all around for decoration.
But the case of Davido is different. The young popular musician is not only a talented versatile singer, but also rich and generous.

Then I began to ask myself like a little boy without a father or a mother, why everybody kan dey para para for me. Why is everyone stinging me with the yarm barns? The poor me why can’t I live my life? Monday to Thursday, I did 12 hours reading marathon, because that was the only thing I had inherited from my poor dad who was a teacher in the 90s. However, those who saw me kept para para para for me.

Therefore, I asked what else should I do?
Someone should please come to my rescue. O boy you don dey talk too much. O boy you don dey do too much, Perhaps I’m not the only one in this situation! Who else? I always do put on slippers to class, but now that I manage to buy #800 akube sandals, dem dey para for me. Why them kan dey para for me? The other day while I was sick, they were quick to wish me sorry? But now that ……

Then I began to wonder what do the enemies of Davido really want? Should he gets poor and suddenly start begging for money? Why them kan dey para for him? Small thing, they accuse him of talking too much? Isn’t this tale like that of a popular village drummer in the market square?

Every day he would go to the market to flex his muscles on his drum made of tiger skin. While his head and hands move in unison, his eyes kept swirling left and right about to pop out. Before the whole matter gets serious, the market men and women were already testing the patience of the floor with their legs moving front and back uncontrollably. While the earth roars with dust. Still the market men and women kept dancing and selling their goods happily. But other drummers out of envy who couldn’t understand the magic behind the drummer’s trick plotted against him and stole his drum.

Not quite long, the market square became empty and sour because none among the envy drummers could drum to make the people dance, buy and sell happily. There was no peace in the land until the gods of the land who were angry revealed through the oracle consulted by the Ifa priest spoke with fire? Why una kan dey para para for him? Before the matter get serious, before the whole matter gets dangerous , you need to make sure you don’t say too much….to be continued!

Written by Lawal Divinefavour,
Custodian of Magic Pen

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