Man beaten up by locals after he offered a schoolgirl a ride home and allegedly molested her on the way (video)

A Kenyan man was beaten mercilessly by locals after a schoolgirl accused him of molesting her. According to several reports, the man offered two female


Japesa planning his funeral ahead,got himself a new coffin

A popular Kenyan musician, Philip Ptaroba Okoyo, who is better known by his stage name Japesa, has shocked his fans after he purchased a coffin

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Top Pastor Sentence to 140 Years in Prison (See why)

A Kenyan pastor who reportedly raped his two underage daughters and impregnated one of them has been jailed for 140 years.  According to several reports,


Female High School Students in Kenya Stage Protest After Some Students Were Allegedly Defiled By Teachers And The Principal Tried To Cover it Up [Video]

Students of Lugulu Girls High School in Kenya took to the streets to protest after some students were allegedly defiled by male teachers and the principal tried to cover it up.