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This poem seeks to reveal the emotional state of a partner guilty of infidelity and desires of a reunion.

Written By Lawal Divinefavour,
Custodian of ✨Magic pen🖊️

I’m used to be part of you,
But here I am so lonely.
I might go down the river,
If you refused to hold me.
I can’t explain what happened to me,
But remember you promised if I leave you, you will commit suicide.

I’m truly sorry,
Please don’t go crushing and rushing,
You gave me all your trust
But I misused it,
Until I lost everything I never knew I had nothing left.
Here I am calling myself Lord of sinners,
Because the way my heart is so empty
I can’t stand being so fake,

You took my hand and lift it round your head,
But I took a step back and slow you down.
You put me on your laps and pat me on my head,
We sat on the sofa and place my head on your chest.
Can you remember that night?

Please just let me back.
I can’t close my eyes and let things fly.
Please forgive me everything and let it go
I never thought we would be apart.
I never knew I would fall for her skirt.
I never thought we would be apart.
Until all at once blood drops from my swollen eyes.

©✨Magic pen🖊️ 2020
® All Rights Reserved



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