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My Memoir
We had an agreement to be at Adewole Housing Estate as early as 7:00am, so it came as no surprise to see your mommy’s call as earlier as 5:10am, then your wife’s call by 5:35am, yes of cause I ignored some calls with no identity prior to the time Ibraz called at exactly 6:10am.

All this while from the first call, I had gone back to sleep with the thought that you were the one calling to ensure I kept to the time scheduled for our meeting, no thanks to my attitude of lateness.

Ibrahim has been out of Ilorin city, if he could call then.. My curiosity leveled up! What could have been wrong? Why would he be calling?, could it be just to serve me a reminder of meeting with you?, then I quickly returned your mom’s call and the news dropped that chorusboy has been rushed to the hospital, she narrated he just shouted from sleep.

Having heard her narrative, I called Ibraz to hear from him but it was quiet a different story, he landed me with the news of the death of my most beloved acquaintance I had ever known for 20years Oluwaseun Abikoye (Chorusboy), I dashed out of the house in disbelieve, I became subconscious, I was shocked beyond strength, I held the rails on the stairs, I couldn’t remember all I did!

I scrolled through my call log searching for different report other than the one I have heard, I called your wife and the words from the other said “Fizzy, your partner is dead”, I replied, it’s impossible!, and Wunmi could only respond, “here he is, lifelessly, lying on the hospital bed”.

A giant has fallen to no rise! Oluwaseun Abikoye popularly called chorusboy baded the world farewell and it was 7th September, 2020.

It took me 3hours to come to terms that you are gone, I sought to be woken from sleep if to say I was dreaming, I waited on a new call to debunk the news of your death, that it was indeed a joke even if expensive but no calls came except all those who wish to register their condolences ;then I realized I have to say good night in the morning to a dear friend!

Oluwaseun Abikoye (Chorusboy), it is 100days and still counting since you left us, you are gone to the great beyond but not forgotten, I remember you everyday, how you lived and what you lived for. Rest in peace my beloved friend, till we meet to part no more.
oluwafemi Ayodele
In memory of Oluwaseun Abikoye (Chorusboy)



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  • Abati Janet oluwafeyikemi, December 23, 2020 @ 11:08 am Reply

    May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace 🥺

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