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The lack of sovereign power of the state to provide optimal security for her citizens not only permits the downward spiral of economic growth and development, breakdown of law and order, and sectoral clashes but also makes it difficult for communities that are satisfied with the status quo to accomplish goals that they strongly believe as being in their common interest. Because there are no institutions or authorities that can enact, interpret and enforce laws, the policy of unity and cooperation that will bring mutual benefits if communities cooperate will bring hatred, anarchy, ethnic clashes, and inter-state wars when they do not. Therefore, leading to a National crisis.

This is true of the herders’-farmers clash in Nigeria. Should all stakeholders cooperate, they will all smile, laugh, and live happily without fear. But should any person or group of persons disagree to cooperate, everyone might end up being sad, crying, and fighting one another. Therefore all stakeholders, institutions, authorities, and individuals must unite together and have the same desire for a solution that will benefit all:

1. Government at all levels should rise and respond proactively to defending the rights of innocent victims.

2. Government must prevent further attacks on the lives and properties of the people irrespective of the socio-cultural, political, and ethnoreligious background.

3. The president must learn to be proactive in trivializing the process of preventing National issues with seeds capable of germinating into a perennial problem for the country.

4. All stakeholders should cooperate and trap the enemy (those involved in the proliferation and illegal use of arms, destruction of lives and properties, killings of innocent farmers, and all other atrocious acts). This is possible through cooperation and disarmament.

5. A critical assessment or review of the Rural-Urban Grazing Area (RUGA) policy is highly imperative to prevent a mitigating national crisis.



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