Ikponmwosa Ogiugo, going by the stage name Prince Iyke, migrated to the United States at the age of 18 in the early 2000s, from Edo State, Nigeria. After living in Peabody, MA, a city north of Boston, Prince Iyke Graduated From Peabody High School. After some years, music became one of his passions and started to engage with music being a drummer at a Christian Church in Lynn, MA. Moree also, Underlying any great success or accomplishment is a story of perseverance; This sentiment rings true for Prince Iyke. In fact, for him, the value of music is much more complex than an organized sound.

As a Nigerian descendant, he had the fortune of being exposed to many different sounds and ideas, which he brilliantly incorporates in his music which is remarkably powerful, in that it captures the essence of African cultures and the values of Nigerian history. Prince Iyke blends high-octane trap beats with a splash of Afro, Soul and R&B vibes.

Furthermore, as a polyglot who speaks three languages, English, Edo, and Pilgil, Iyke’s propensity for communication across borders translates to his music. Enduring substantial obstacles — going through trials and tribulations throughout his young yet, remarkably dramatic life – his story of perseverance is told through his lyrics and melodies and works to share that story with his fans.

Izozo is a journey, by creating, working on my music. It teaches me how to endure and focus on my path in life. The journey will never stop.

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