On August 4, Olasupo Abideen, a business consultant and global goals advocate left the Ilorin airport for Abuja with the hope that he would be able to keep up with all the appointments he had lined up for the day. However, on getting to Abuja, one of his luggage that contained the vital items needed for his visit could not be found.

“I boarded Arik Flight 403, Class Y at 1:30 pm today with seat number 11 E. I checked in two bags from Ilorin to Abuja. But to my utmost dismay, I was only able to recover just one luggage at the arrival lounge, on getting my destination,” Abideen said while speaking to FIJ.

The passenger also stated that the missing bag contained vital documents such as his international passport, dollar debit cards, internet banking tokens, $625, chargers (iPhone 12 Pro max, Redmi Xiaomi and Nokia), books and a few clothes.

“Arik Air has so far not been helpful in locating the bag, which was properly checked in before I left Ilorin,” he further said.

Copy of Letter Abideen was told to write

The aggrieved passenger also stated that rather than give him an official complaint form to fill, he was only told to write a complaint letter.

“I am currently helpless and don’t know what to do or who to call for help. The items in the bag are urgently needed for my visit to Abuja. Without them being found, my business here is meaningless. I have already missed two important meetings because of the airline’s negligence. This is completely unacceptable,” Abideen lamented.

When contacted, the Arik Air station manager in Abuja said he was currently doing everything he could to ensure that Abideen’s luggage was recovered and handed over to him.

The passenger is, however, currently still waiting at the Abuja airport and hoping that his bag is found.



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