In the last few days, an average Nigerian got familiar with the name Bichi Emirate just like the other day when Oba the home of obi Cubana the billionaire landlord of cubana Groups became popular on the streets in the nation. Guess what , Yusuf Buhari the son of president Mohammad Buhari got married to Zahra Ado Bayero the daughter of the Present day Emir of Bichi, one of the newly created four Emirates in Kano state.

For the ready to die supporters of various politicians in the country,those who are ready to chop off your head when ever you criticize or talk Ill of their political Demi-gods, a lot of lessons should be learn from all that occurred in Bichi , from president Muhammadu Buhari to Alhaji Atiku Abubakar to Issa pantami to the talkative Femi Fani Kayode , the chemistry displayed by various politicians on that day is a permanent signal that no love loss between them.

In politics there are no permanent friends or permanent enemies, only permanent interests. The original of this pragmatism is generally conceded to Lord Palmerston (John Henry Temple) of Great Britain, but most world leaders have invoked it at one time or another to justify their policies and actions in politics, Bichi experience was an Avenue for Nigeria pot belly politicians,the opposition leaders and those at the realm of affairs in the present day Nigeria to bury their ego and rejoined their interest, again they have nothing to lose than to the unwise youths,artisans,educated illiterate lose friends and family while fighting for a politicians that may never regard them.

Surprisingly , Waziri of Adamawa Alh. Abubakar Atiku who contested against president Muhammadu Buhari in the last Presidential election was the man who received the bride on behalf of president Buhari’s family,indeed that was the most funny moment in Bichi Emirate on that day. The masses have choose to kill themselves while protecting the interest of their political leaders ,we threaten and scramble to attack each other whenever friend or family refuse to buy the idea of our political Demi gods, the gladiators on the other hand suspend their political fights ,reunited openly and collectively launched their interest, who got it wrong?

What will you say about Femi Fani Kayode show of love to minister of communications Dr Issa Ali pantami, Nigerians saw how ffk embraced Pantami publicly like a man whose girlfriend told to off light while at the point of making love, the same Pantami he once called “A cold blooded Beast”. Nigeria youths,artisans and the educated society need to wake up, the game plan of our political elites was revealed in Bichi, the romance ,chemistry and body languages of our gladiators is an affirmation that after their political indifferences,they will always find a common ground to reunite and relaunch their collective interests.



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