Today I witnessed exemplary leadership per excellent from Amir Rational, we are all rejoicing with him for the new bouncing baby boy bless to his family.

Amir Rational is not just an ordinary human being but a man of excellence who give hope to the hopeless, during the happy moment a man (dwarf) work toward him named Mallam Ashiru who’s a shoe repairer to Amir Rational with a big domestic goat and started pleading to Amir Rational to accept this token as his means of celebration.

Now the moment, I swift into action and work down to him and ask why and what is the meaning of this, the Mallam said I was a beggar, who was born by a blind parent but both are late now, but Rational stop me from begging and engage me with Islamiyyah and skill accusations, he also furnish my rented apartment and always drop token monthly to me and many others I know.

Recently, Rational paid me a surprise visit with her wife around 11 pm and he said Ashiru I just feel like staying in your room for an hour, when he was going he said Ashiru go and give that old woman some cash, the money is much but he said don’t open it to check just give her and till this moment that mama has always given me a free meal in the evening and always pray for Rational.

The domestic goat is my contribution for nine months, that’s why I kneel for him to collect it because he may not collect it.

😭😭at this point, I don’t know where the tears are coming from my eyes and since that moment I started feeling ashamed of my pride and seeking forgiveness from Allah

Amir Rational may you remain a source of happiness till infinity



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