Bee Media Solution sets to host the Second Edition of Bee Math Kwara 2022, A mathematics competition/seminar in Kwara State.

According to the Team Lead, Mr Abiola Olaniran, this project is a timely one due to the fact that education is the most controversial sector in Nigeria at the moment.

Imagine a scenario, 100 students being asked at random to select their choice between a famous reality show in Nigeria and a Mathematics competition, trust me none and I repeat none will go for the latter. Bee Math Kwara 2022 is set to address the challenges through these approaches

Firstly, imagine a winner of such a reality show taking home millions of naira while the best graduating student in mathematics department winning a token 10,000 naira. This is the Decadence of Education in Nigeria. Bee Math Kwara will be giving the winners juicy packages that will make others want to compete in next edition, making them serious with their studies. This will definitely add value to our education system.

Secondly, have you wondered why a lot is happening in our schools of today? Students beating teachers, students killing their mates, students dealing with drugs … This is a big challenge affecting the education system.
Most parents don’t even know what class their children are.
Some parents have left the raising of their children to teachers…. trust me teachers can only do their best. PTA is not doing their job again because it’s now more or less a club.

This seminar will address Parenting as an issue. Not only that , prizes will be available for Best Parent in Kwara State and Best Teacher in Kwara State.

The third part is Entertainment through Education. many students are scared of Mathematics because of how boring and rigorous it could be but it’s the cheapest subject in school.
We will be inviting celebrities that are Mathematics graduates to advise and motivate the students.

Theme: The Decadence of Education System in Nigeria; The Resolution

Categories includes
Junior Secondary Schools Categories
Senior Secondary Schools Categories
Tertiary Institutions Categories

The Event Features
Mathematics Competition
Amazing Guest Speakers
Comedy etc

Coming real soon….

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