Why BMA?
By: Convydence

Young people must have their voices heard at all times. We cannot not be passive participants in the conversations about our future. We must get active and create the future the way we want it… Edem Agbana

Beki Mashood Abdulquadri (BMA) popularly known as BMA is a trending name in Kwara political space , most especially among the good people of Ajikobi/Alanamu constituency in Ilorin west local government of Kwara state. To those around him , BMA is one of the youths who believe in politics as an essential tool to change an environment , to develop a state and the nation at large. Power belongs to the people , decisions are left in the hands of individuals, in a nation where the youths are not aware of the need for active participation towards the liberation of the youth wing, BMA is taking the bull by the horn .

Not to bore you with rhetorics, BMA is an active member of APC who have served purposefully with results to show at different time with different ideas, he is a young man with the golden heart as described by Nelson Mandela in his book titled “conversations with myself “, BMA has been around the steps towards decision making since 2011 even when he was not eligible to vote, his passion for a better Kwara is a pointer to the fact that his ambition is not a result of personal interest, it is an act towards the betterment of his people .

Why Beki Mashood Abdulquadri ? a likely question that will come to the mind of anyone who is hearing the sobriquet for the first time , BMA is coming at a time when the youths are yarning for total inclusion in policy and decision making, he is coming as a young entrepreneur who is aware of the needs of the people at the grass root , he has been part of the process for more than a decade , BMA is young and resourceful , his achievements outside politics are worthy of recommendations.

Beki has the intellectual capacity to provide a lasting solution to problems, he is not only qualify to represent the good people of Ajikobi/Alanamu constituency, he is a product of the grass root , he understands the pains, as a young man , he is ready to serve and listen to the yearnings of his people . With BMA democracy will work for all.



O. T MUHIDEEN is a graduate of accounting from Kwara state polytechnic, a graduate of digital news and broadcasting from West Africa Union University, portnovo. He is a member of Greenfield Library Limited,Atlanta Georgia, a research fellow at Frontline Researcher Basel,Switzerland

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