The All Progressive Congress in Kwara state remains a political party where democracy, decentralization of opinions, and decisions reign supreme.

Contrary to what some members of the various opposition parties are peddling. APC in Kwara remains strong, viable, and gives room for active participation in the decision-making of the party by members.

The party also has viable dispute resolution strategies designed to accommodate differences and rancours among members. The recent exodus of some members of the party to the SDP was premised on their expression of their fundamental rights of freedom of association. The party welcomed and gave them all they need to belong and thrive against all odds.

The recent press release by supporters of the Hon. Minister for Transportation(State) Sen. Gbemisola Ruqayyah Saraki that they are still in the party even though the Honorable minister’s actions and that of her followers depict the opposite is also a strategy by some people in the party to cast aspersions on the runnings of the party in Kwara State. Perhaps,
PDP, not SDP blood is thicker than words.

There have been several attempts by different groups, and stakeholders in the state and beyond as well as efforts by the national leadership of the party to address the few challenges in the party.

The ministers representing the states are some of the big cogs advancing the causes of rancour in the party by inciting their followers against the party and its tenets. The All Progressive Congress is a party for all and has made it possible for several opportunities and appointments at the National level.

It is sheer hypocrisy to try to undermine the party at the state level and appear to be statesmen at the National level.

Kwara APC is one big family and remains the biggest and most positioned for the political emancipation of all Kwarans. The party won’t stand while some people take advantage of the party’s generosity and wholesomeness to create issues.



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