A chat with the Team Lead of Miss Africulture International 

Q? Kindly introduce yourself
A- My name is Abiola Olaniran, I’m the team lead of Miss Africulture International and the CEO Bee Media Solution

Q? Tell us, what is the pageant about

A- Miss Africulture International is a cultural beauty pageant to promote Africa’ Cultural Diversity.

Q? This edition we’re about to start is the third edition, if I’m right, what has been the challenges so far?

A- well every good thing must have it’s challenges. The first challenge we had was acceptance. It’s not easy to make understand a new concept, but we thank God we have pass that stage. Every challenge afterwards is regarded as lesson to us, we keep learning everyday

Q? What is the reason behind the theme The New Black for this edition

A- well, it’s the 3rd Anniversary, we decided to create something different, something new. So people should expect new features from this edition. Black is power, Black is influence. The New Black is something different from the norms..

Q? Who are the sponsors for this edition

A- Currently we’re working on getting sponsors but as it is, GoJi is one of our sponsors. They are the official Dubai Trip Sponsor

Q? First Edition was 5,000 naira form fee, Second edition was 10,000 naira form fee, what should people be expecting this edition

A- like I said it’s the new black edition, people should expect something remarkable.

Q? Miss Africulture International is an international pageant, what is the criteria for eligibility

A- Once you’re African lady between age 16-30, you are eligible to participate in Miss Africulture International 2022.
Our pageant is not height, size, skin biased.

Q? Nice having you sir, we hope this season will be interesting as usual, when will the registration ends.

A- The registration ends once we meet our target and we have limited forms this season, so my advice is, pick up your form from our coordinator as soon as possible, delay may be dangerous

Q? Thanks for your time Mr Abiola, anything you want to say?

A- well, all I’m going to say for now is that people should expect the unexpected this season, this is a pageant to tell your loved ones about

Q? Wow, kindly give us the contact for registration

A- For registration, applicants should chat the coordinator via +23409035238231
For more enquires
IG handle is Missafricultureinternational
Twitter handle is Missafriculture
Mail Address [email protected] thank you



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