News on the street is that some non-performing *NASS* members seeking 2nd term suddenly remember that they have constituents.
Instead of going to people’s houses to *beg for forgiveness*, they have the audacity to be calling people to their various mansions and *lure them with Greek gifts.*
If you are a delegate or know a delegate that is being given *Ofege Promissory Notes* in exchange for support from *awon eletan that want to do late hour empowerment*, please ask for cold hard cash or alert upfront. Fool me once….ekan ni a tan ni do ma do ni……

Once you have your alert or cash, please do yinmu to them and vote your conscience. It is owo Abu. They are merely paying you for the support you gave them previously ni.
*Turn off your phone and become unreachable to them too.* There is no monkey in Idanre anymore. Remember they intentionally did this in order to make us poor and desperate so that they can use us to achieve their selfish interest. This is an abuse of human relations at its peak. Let’s show them why we are called civilized and exposed.

Choose capacity and capability. .. Collect the money but don’t do their bidding. It’s surely the money they are supposed to spend to develop our region that they diverted to their personal use.

Say No to incompetency. Kwara South deserves quality representation.


O. T MUHIDEEN is a graduate of accounting from Kwara state polytechnic, a graduate of digital news and broadcasting from West Africa Union University, portnovo. He is a member of Greenfield Library Limited,Atlanta Georgia, a research fellow at Frontline Researcher Basel,Switzerland

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