By: Mohammed Ilyas

Have you noticed that many Nigerian politicians occupying sensitive positions usually appear half-baked, unprepared, and dull? There are very few SMART leaders driving Politics in this country.

Stakeholders are Usually afraid of Smart representatives because they want their immediate family to be superior to them and forget you that was used as a destructive tool in the field.

It took smartness to build the massive top five luxury apartment businesses in the heart of the capital city of Ilorin, from one room to where it is today.

The state capital can’t withhold the massive growth that Dr. Kolo Baba Jiya’s company has blessed his immediate community and the city at large.

The former governor of Borno State once said he knew he was handing over to an independent-minded smart politician in Borno State to rescue Maiduguri from the hardship already overwhelming the state by Boko Haram insurgence. And that he needed to choose between playing Politics and saving his people, so he chose a very smart professor to support as his successor.

Today, the present Borno State Governor has become a sample when you talk about sound leadership in Nigeria.

Many stakeholders in Kwara north are afraid of allowing smart candidates to grow under their watch. Like him or not, Mallam Rabiu Kwankwaso always selects smart representatives more than many politicians in the history of the modern democracy in this country (that’s why he is qualified to be our president).

Many of our stakeholders are afraid of allowing smart people to grow in politics that’s why they get scared when the name Dr. Kolo Baba Jiya was mentioned at the meeting.

That is one of the reasons we are backward as a region. We need to look forward to seeing people of high IQ and well-equipped profiles flooded with myriad experiences. Kwara North is living in abject poverty due to misrepresentation. Let’s get it right this time by putting the right peg in the right holes. Our constituency requires brainy tools that will rescue us from this wretchedness.

Your vote for Dr. Kolo Baba Jiya as the Kwara North Senator is a vote for good representation, provision of adequate amenities, productive education, transparency, accountability, fruitful sharing in dividends of democracy, rehabilitation of dilapidated roads, rejuvenation of archaic government modus operandi, adequate health facilities, and industrialization.

New Nigeria People Party (NNPP) is the party for the masses. Your vote is our strength…



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