History is never a bastard. Do it good or bad you will be remembered. The past is a judge of the present and the effecter of future.
All things considered, in the realm of politics, power can take many structure: the ability to order casts a ballot, to shape the public plan, to stir up the economy.

So Ilorin Emirate embedded many individual which includes politicians, appointees, influencers, and money movers. However, regardless of the status, we gauged similar variables: the power conceded by his situation, his effect on strengthening and political move, and the trajectory of his political career. Referencing Mallam Saliu Mustapha is inconceivable not. He has been above the board.

For a new dawn, the TWILIGHT must be fascinating. Turaki Ngeri past and present actions assured us of a good future should he be given a chance.

His emergence was never on the platter of gold. The record is there, available, for the open minded personalities.

Mallam Saliu Mustapha is a realist. The community gave back to him what he has been doing to them for years, without any requests. The good and generosity he is known for, was showered on him during primary and beyond.

Saliu Mustapha, the Turaki Ngeri toe the path of the past Turaki with an enviable attributes and exceptional personality. Thus, the young, humble and energetic man stand above the board.

The incumbent Turaki brighten the name of the historical city of Alimi during his coronation. Many national and international figures visited and hosted by Maimartaba, Sarkin Ilori, Sheikh Alimi the 11th, Dr. Ibrahim Sulu Gambari, the Emir of Ilorin and the environ.

In the national politics, Mallam Saliu Mustapha strength during APC National chairmanship is another win for Ilorin. He represent Ilorin beyond envisage in every strata he exist.

His idea to build many more generational millionaire is fantastic with his record breaking empowerment program. A million naira, a half million naira and more per individual empowerment are great hope to build more generational millionaire. Mallam Saliu Mustapha doesn’t breed penury but give hope for success with his huge sum for empowerment.

Saliu Mustapha is a giver of hope and a trailblazer for the commoners. It brings relief to every door.

Turaki Ngeri, is indeed the twilight of a new dawn.

The philanthropist is endowed with many idea to build many successful people. That can be confirmed with the cycle of his close and distance aides. Mallam, as he fondly call build great mind with great future.
With him as our representative at the red Chamber in 2023 general election we shall achieve more through him.

He is a builder, and a twilight of a successful new dawn.
Mallam Saliu Mustapha for SENATE, 2023 agenda InshaAllah.


O. T MUHIDEEN is a graduate of accounting from Kwara state polytechnic, a graduate of digital news and broadcasting from West Africa Union University, portnovo. He is a member of Greenfield Library Limited,Atlanta Georgia, a research fellow at Frontline Researcher Basel,Switzerland

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