Manchester United Legend, Ryan Giggs says a bruise on his ex-girlfriend’s arm was sustained during “rough sex” and not as a result of a hotel room assault, a court has heard.

According to reports, Kate Greville, a Public relations expert claims she was dragged naked across a Dubai hotel room and locked out in the corridor by Giggs during an alleged bout of violence, alleging she sustained a bruised wrist in the incident. She also claims he headbutted her, allegations he denies.

Ryan Giggs blames ?rough sex? for bruise on his ex-girlfriend?s wrist after he bought an Agent Provocateur paddle

Giggs says the claim is “completely manufactured” and a “pack of lies”, and on Wednesday, August 10, a jury at Manchester crown court was shown “loving” messages sent between them in the days after the September 2017 incident.

In one message, Ms. Greville tells Giggs: “Tan is coming along nicely. My sex bruise is coming along nicely too!!”

In defense, Ms. Greville said a friend, Elsa, noticed her bruised wrist and she blamed it on sex because she was “embarrassed” to reveal it was the result of domestic violence.

“I told her it was as a result of sex”, she said, telling jurors her message to Giggs was a reference to that.

“I was making light of the fact I had told Elsa it was a sex bruise. It’s 100 percent wrong, but I was making light of it.”

Christopher Daw QC, Giggs’s attorney, called her evidence “ridiculous”, and insisted the sex was the real reason for her injury.

“It was a bruise caused by rough sex the two of you enjoyed a lot”, he said.

Ms. Greville replied: “That bruise wasn’t caused by rough sex.”

When she said she could not remember receiving any bruises during sex with Giggs, the lawyer produced a series of messages between the former couple about their sex life.

“I’m sorry to have to take you through this”, he said, showing jurors Ms. Greville’s message which read: “I want you so badly, rough.”

She went on: “I want it to hurt a little. Not in a weird way, I just want you to shock and surprise me.”

When Giggs called it “a fine line”, Ms. Greville replied: “We just have to have fun finding that line then.”

Ryan Giggs blames ?rough sex? for bruise on his ex-girlfriend?s wrist after he bought an Agent Provocateur paddle

The court also heard Giggs had sent Ms. Greville a picture of an Agent Provocateur sex toy – a paddle – and talked of being “a bit more assertive” in the bedroom.

“We never used that paddle. Not once. Or any”, said Ms. Greville.

Facing cross-examination from Giggs’ barrister on Wednesday, Ms. Greville said she would face “consequences” if she did not follow the former footballing star’s instructions.

In a statement, she had described herself as a “slave to Mr. Giggs’ every need and every demand”, and told jurors: “That’s what I felt like.

“When Ryan said to do something, I would do it. If there was resistance sometimes, he made me feel like I had to do everything he said, otherwise there would be consequences.”

Greville said Giggs “hurt my relationships with my family” and “interfered with my ability to interact with my family”.

“He damaged relationships with my friends and isolated me from certain people”, she said from the witness box.

“He wasn’t consistently horrible. Overall it made me lose confidence and self-belief.

“He was hot and cold, like two different people, making me feel two extremes, consistently.

“He made me feel good, made me feel bad, made me feel good, made me feel bad.”

She denied speaking to journalists since the breakdown of the relationship and Giggs’ arrest in November 2020, and when asked if she was looking for compensation, she replied: “Absolutely not.”

The relationship began when both Giggs and Ms . Greville were still married, and she told the court she believes they first slept together in December 2014.

She accepted “the majority of the time he was kind and loving”, but said Giggs was “not nice” for the last year and a half of their relationship.

“Towards the end of the relationship, it was pretty much relentlessly awful”, she said.



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