By; Temitope Muhideen (CONVYDENCE)

Unguru is a small mega city near Funtua, the people of Unguru have been in captivity for decades. They have been denied the opportunities enjoyed as citizens of the town, in the past the treasury ofUnguru has been looted and siphoned.

For over 30 years,Unguru community leadership was a decision of a man named (Alaanu) who later fixed his Son(Jegudujera) as the leader of Gurugu.

Jegudujera grew wings, he outsmart his father on many decisions, he became the new messiah and decision maker of Unguru kingdom .

Jegudujera is totally different from his father,Unguru people trusted him at first , until they realized he is not a replica of his father’s good deeds. At a point they realized he his after their patrimony.

Jegudujera is smart and intelligent, he single-handedly gave who ever he want a role in leadership, he forgot there are people who needs dividends of good leadership, those who could not put food on their table talkless of paying their wards school fees.

Few years ago, the people of Unguru decided to chase Jegudujera and his cohorts out of their kingdom, they complained of his lack of transparency, they complained of his greediness , they have their way, Jegudujera and his cohorts were chased out in a show of shame that almost cost Jegudujera national relevance.

Unguru people chose a new man named (Digboluja) as the new leader of their town, Digboluja only visits Unguru occasionally before he became the new leader, he lives in Funtua, he is far away from the people, but for new thirst and developmental hunger,Unguru people chose him as the new messiah.

Digboluja is a quiet man not noisy like Jegudujera, Digboluja started his reign by fighting those who fought for his emergence as the new leader of Unguru , Digboluja’s silent nature is devilish, his servants fought each other courtesy of Digboluja’s silence.

Digboluja couldn’t manage internal crisis that later transformed to a coup, Digboluja failed in leadership management and continues to struggle in governance, Digboluja is another version of Jegudujera in decision making, he would place four people on the same ball, promising each of them the ball belong to him or her.

For every five thousand accounted for by Digboluja and his people , they have spent twenty thousand. Digboluja reign created lot of enemies within his camp, Digboluja has put the good people of Unguru In hard situation.

Digboluja Servants are complicating matters for him, he has a special servant named (Ajele), Ajele is not a citizen of Unguru , he is from Akotileta a town far away from Unguru, Digboluja carelessness gives Akotilete the chance to create enemies between the sons and daughters of Unguru.

In few months, Unguru people will exercise their right to choose another leader to lead their community, Digboluja continues to lose his armies , the citizens of Unguru are watching , the new leader must not be another calamity. Crisis must be avoided. Unguru must develop.

I am your friend, Convydence


O. T MUHIDEEN is a graduate of accounting from Kwara state polytechnic, a graduate of digital news and broadcasting from West Africa Union University, portnovo. He is a member of Greenfield Library Limited,Atlanta Georgia, a research fellow at Frontline Researcher Basel,Switzerland

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