It seems that ‘I dos’ are being said in every corner of Oja Village as the Glo-sponsored drama series, The Village Headmaster, enters its 20th episode.

Madam Gbeke, aka ‘Small Radio Oja’ is at it again in this episode. She is armed with the latest information about new and would-be couples in the village and she is ready to share with everyone. She walks in on a heated argument between Mazi Chinedu and Abubakar. Mazi Chinedu had made a poor joke about Abubakar’s family and in the process of apologising, noticed Madam Gbeke in the doorway aptly listening in. What was said between the two men and why did it escalate into an argument so quickly? Perhaps that’s where Madam Gbeke gleaned the information on weddings that have occurred or are about to happen in Oja Village.

The forthcoming trip to Sweden seems to create more chaos than peace in Chief Dagbolu’s household. Chief Dagbolu’s wives have requested a meeting to influence his decision to take Asake along with him on the trip. While Asake relied on the relations she had built with Olayinka’s fiancé, the other wives insisted that the first wife had more rights to go on this trip as she had raised Olayinka. In the midst of this discussion, Olayinka however walked in, apparently in a heated discussion with the said fiancé. Could the outcome of this discussion crush Asake’s hopes of travelling? Can the issue between the couples be resolved in time to favour all parties involved?

In this new episode, Councillor Lakatabu continues to hold Madam Folake responsible for divulging his secret business plans to another party. As a result, he sought out another partner to take over the venture he had planned with Madam Folake. The new development, however, did not sit well with Madam Folake as she confronted Councillor Lakatabu and threatened to expose the entire deal. Whether she succeeds in convincing him of her innocence in spreading the details of the plan or he succumbs to her threats and offers her partnership again, remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, the dispute between Councillor Kogberegbe and Councillor Lakatabu intensifies. Rumours spreading through Oja Village claim that Councillor Kogberegbe is responsible for withholding the government’s palliative from the people. In a bid to clear his name, he joins forces with the Headmaster and the Police to investigate the situation. The revelations from the investigations prove shocking as all fingers point at Councillor Lakatabu as the responsible party. But could this be true or the handiwork of Councillor Kogberegbe to clear his name and discredit the good works of Councillor Lakatabu? Guess we’ll just have to find out as this new episode unfolds.

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