Vroom was conceived on the road. Born of a desire to answer a need—that catchphrase of all catchphrases—that has always existed: what is hip, accessible, safe, and gets you everywhere, including the last mile.

At Vroom, our goal is to serve. We burn the oil and hit the caffeine to ensure we get you home, to your loved ones, to that interview, and to your fortress of solitude. We are your bat mobile. We are your income stream. We are Vroom, a company driven by a desire to get you from one point to the other in a safe and sustainable manner.

We are relentless and committed to our values, to ensuring everyone, regardless of age, gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation, has access to affordable and safe rides on the Vroom platform, to earning and retaining the respect and trust of customers, drivers, and communities, and to transforming the transportation eco-system through state-of-the-art technology and job creation.


With in-built features like a panic button and pre-inputted emergency numbers, Vroom gives you the next best thing to you riding in your personal car. Rigorous background checks, high standard for allowed cars, a constant review of policies, and customer service that answers all complaints with empathy and at the speed of light, ensure every end user’s safety is prioritized.


It takes a village. Always. We are a community, a group of people who share similar principles but not always similar perspectives.

However, we all know the importance of having a hand to hold, a shoulder to lean on, and a back to jump on as you celebrate your wins. We are open, we are empathetic, and we care. We always will walk with you and be part of your milestones.


From the hustle in Lagos to the bustle of New York, urban cities are getting crowded by the day. The flashing lights of passing cars are not abating any time soon. At Vroom, we are giving you the choice of transportation just at the touch of a button. Sit back as you are driven to your destination or track the delivery of your items.


The future really is already here. Tomorrow is today as we constantly try to stay ahead of the curve. This includes ensuring a space for everyone’s growth, both riders and drivers.

With a young and forward-thinking team, we would continue to create innovative ways to make your movement from place to place a seamless, safe, and affordable venture.

The vroom app connects you to safe, affordable and convenient rides in minutes across Lagos.
Simply open the app, add a destination and enjoy the ride.
Get started by visiting www.vroomng.com
Vroom the exciting way to rideshare!


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