X Anthony is excited to share the release of his new video, Education System in Africa. A compelling and penetrating look into the depths of an ailing educational system is provided by the poignant spoken word analysis of a system long overdue for change. The moving video is now available on YouTube.

According to X Anthony, “The fall of a nation isn’t by the hands of civilians trying to make a way forward, but politicians and leaders whose character is that of a coward. Only concerned with themselves, abusing their power, while their educational system slowly sinks under.”

Okparaoka Ifeanyi Anthony, better known by his stage name X Anthony, (Xcash) is a socially conscious artist known for his spoken word poetry. A keen student of the world and its workings, he masterfully assembles a riveting video filled with outstanding visuals, compelling spoken words, and a piercing message designed to raise awareness, highlight flaws, and inspire action to improve and repair the failing system that has held people back for generations.

X Anthony asserts, “Our educational standards won’t rise to the levels it should until politicians’ kids are forced to attend PUBLIC SCHOOLS in our country.” Even our so-called leaders are aware of how poorly they are running the country, which is why they send their kids to (study overseas) nations with real leaders.”

This latest video by X Anthony, with its gripping spoken word poetry and heartfelt soulful delivery, is destined to be an impactful and effective performance that will influence viewers to become change-makers to create the kind of education system that advances rather than limits potential.

The follow-up to his critically acclaimed video, VanityEducation System in Africa, solidifies X Anthony’s position as a poet laureate for his times and country. He approaches a difficult topic with clear-eyed perspectives thanks to his astute observations and profound evaluation. Similarly, his captivating video images combine with his words to create a social statement that elevates to the level of art. Or is art elevated to the level of a social statement? X Anthony leaves that up to the audience to decide.

Education System in Africa, the latest spoken word video by X Anthony is now available on YouTube or for downloads.


Watch the video below:

About X Anthony: Okparaoka Ifeanyi Anthony, “X Anthony,” an African-born spoken word poet, is a socially conscious artist known for his stirring works on a variety of topics ranging from education to materialism. He is best known for his popular videos in which he addresses difficult topics via spoken word and powerful images.



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