Excerpts of interaction between Njenje Media TV and Labour Party Presidential Candidate & former Anambra State Governor, Peter Obi

Obi: This is a WhatsApp message sent by Tinubu Group:

Yorubas, shine your eyes ooooo, if you vote for Peter Obi you are automatically voting for seaports in the SS and SE. The Igbos will stop coming to Lagos to invest rather they will go to Rivers and Delta States.

They may even stop building houses in Lagos. It will affect a lot of Yorubas.

Yoruba you oooo

Obi: This is your Country. He doesn’t see the value of let’s have something better, he leads on with confusion and that’s it.

Once he comes here and gives you money, you will say Jagaban is the best candidate even when the man is not well.

Obi continues:

Somebody said to me this Candidate was one of the people who fought Abacha to a standstill, I said ok, that he even lost everything.

By 1998 when his “this thing” was starting that he had nothing because he lost everything. I said but he has two planes Nah….
So how?
Where is his Company?

My brother, we have a crisis. That’s why I am pleading to all of us to take back our Country and run it like any other Country.

When a leader is responsible to the people, the people are gadflies to the leader, they can question his rascality. His behavior must be the behavior of somebody sane and ready to serve.



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