Oja village is about to be shaken to its foundation in the 21st episode of the Glo-sponsored drama series, The Village Headmaster.

In this new episode, all the elders convene for the usual palace meeting, except for Chief Eleyinmi. Kabiyesi’s inquiries into why he was absent revealed that he was on a medical check-up trip and had been unreachable for a while. Chief Dagbolu expressed his concerns for Chief Eleyinmi’s welfare, even as news of raids and protests by Okada riders in Lagos have been on the rise.

The palace meeting was however disrupted by the visit of Officer Amosun and his colleague as they brought disheartening news before the court. It is hard to imagine how horrible the news could have been to cause Councillor Kogberegbe’s heart to skip a beat when he first heard it. Could this new information provided by the men of the Police Force have anything to do with Chief Eleyinmi? Or is this solely about Councillor Kogberegbe and his most recent involvement with the Police investigation into the missing relief items meant for the village?

Rumours, as they say, spread like wildfire and Madam Gbeke’s gift for spreading a tale is always spot-on in making its target, the headline of conversations for a while to come. In this episode, Madam Doyin is currently her focus of attention. Oja Village is agog with the news of an upcoming wedding between Madam Doyin and Abubakar, all thanks to Madam Gbeke. But will the parties affected by this rumour ever find out the source of such news? What extent are they willing to go to clear the air and put an end to the rumours? Or will Madam Doyin and Abubakar decide to let the situation slide? We would just have to wait and see.

There seems to be no end to the distrust Mrs Abaga holds for the working relations between her husband, the Headmaster and Teacher Ese. A quick visit to her husband’s office ended in an argument between the couple, as Mrs Abaga found Teacher Ese’s presence threatening to her marital bliss. Following this heated discussion, Mrs. Abaga decides to serenade her husband by dressing up beautifully while at home and in time for his arrival from the office. It seems as if Mr Abaga was too eager with his compliments for his wife’s looks that he may have triggered another round of arguments. Will these two ever be able to resolve this issue of mistrust in their marriage? Or does Mrs Abaga have other reasons for always making a scene when Teacher Ese is involved?

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