The rising songster, who is still enjoying the success of her popular song Rush, shared an idea she used at performances before she gained the spotlight, on Twitter in the early hours of this morning.

Ayra Starr wrote in a tweet that last year, she would bring her friends and family to her shows so they could sing along with her songs and “ginger” her.

“Early Last year I used to take my friends and family to concerts and performances just in case no one knew my music, they would help me scream my songs and ginger the audience. Sapa nice one.”

Ayra Starr’s Rush reached No. 1, and the female artist has now ascended to the top of a chart in Nigeria for the first time since Bloody Samaritan reached No. 1 back in 2021. The 40-week period without a female artist’s No. 1 single is the longest ever.


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