The Village Headmaster drama series’ reboot is sponsored by Globacom, the leading telecommunications service operator in Nigeria. The drama takes an interesting turn as the series heads into its 26th episode.

Rumours, they say spread like wildfire- and there’s just one juicy piece of information that Madam Gbeke couldn’t hold herself from sharing with the world. Could Teacher Ese really be pregnant? Is Prince Adeniyi responsible for this? Due to the gravity of the rumours going around town about Teacher Ese and Prince Adeniyi, Kabiyesi asked Teacher Ese to remain in the palace until the truth of the matter can be ascertained.

While staying at the palace, Olori Sade pointed out the benefits of being an Olori as she tried convincing Teacher Ese to reciprocate the love shown to her by Prince Adeniyi. She however ignored the Olori’s suggestions. Convinced that there could be some sort of conspiracy at play, Teacher Ese decides to get medical tests done to prove to everyone that she’s not pregnant. Could she be right to think that there’s a conspiracy to get her married to the Prince by all means? Olori Sade’s request would seem to be a good fit for her, so why would she not consider this request?

Teacher Iginla is still on the hot seat as he is yet to return the Water Project funds to the school’s account. It looks like he may have gambled away the funds in an investment sham and all efforts to secure aid proved futile until he walked into Abubakar. Abubakar tried to loan him some money but met with opposition from Madam Doyin. She suggested that Teacher Iginla should approach Mazi Chinedu for the loan and this would come if collateral is provided. Will Abubakar re-consider and offer up the loan or will he opt for getting it from Mazi Chinedu? If he decides to go with the latter, does he have the collateral to offer?

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