Bella Shmurda shared some of the challenges he has faced in his interview with korty and these are some of what he said;

It’s so easy for wealth acquired by luck to be squandered and returned to square one because of bad money habits.

The interview was very insightful. Bella Shmurda is one of the most delightful persons to interview, while others might be guarded around the camera or stiff, Bella is calm and relatable as if talking to an old friend.

Bella Shmurda in an interview with Korty

If you are from the streets, the streets will like to follow you to the mansion, don’t let them.

Bella mentioned how he used to have over 10 men in his house and they would come with their women- that’s a whole lot of mouths to feed. Plus, they could put you in trouble.

Bella said he bought three cars so he could have an entourage. Luxury is good, especially when the money is there, but question your motive for buying some luxury items and most of the time, you’d find out that you don’t need them.

This lesson was said by Bella himself. ‘Don’t step on people’s toes, you know pride comes with fame. When fame goes, your pride won’t work again.’ People are your most valuable asset. Treat everyone with respect.

Bella complained about spending about two million nairas in a club in one night, but for many other celebrities, that’s a normal expense. If he had a steady influx of money assured in their millions, then that expense wouldn’t have bothered him so much.

You have to plan your expenses with your cash flow. We know you want to shout ‘we outside’ but please stay at home if you don’t have money.

Bella mentioned how he began to feel bad when his colleagues were headlining international festivals and he wasn’t.

To succeed, you have to think beyond your immediate surroundings to how you can influence the world.



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