You may not know Gakpan. It is a small remote village in Kpada district in the Patigi Local Government area, Kwara North Senatorial District, Kwara State.

That is the community that produced the visionary and selfless community development advocate and the man chattering a new course for the People of Kwara North at a time when it’s most needed. His name is Kolo Baba Jiya and he has so far lived up to expectations.

Before entering politics, Kolo Jiya is a celebrated personality with years of exemplary service in the public sector. He is also a distinguished entrepreneur with many businesses to his name. A philanthropist per excellence whose selflessness is inspiring a new sense of hope and direction in his region.

In May 2022 when he emerged as the Senatorial Candidate of the New Nigeria People’s Party, it was a historic moment for Kwara State most especially the people of Kwara North Senatorial District who are in dire need of a personality like Kolo to provide direction in bringing the much-needed opportunity for the region.

Kolo has had a fair share of community intervention in his community and region. He has constantly supported his community in diverse projects ranging from health, infrastructure, and empowerment. Several people from his community are in school or gainfully employed thanks to his support and interventions. The most unique thing about this is the fact that he does not “shout it out loud” or make a fuss about these simply because of his unique and exemplary leadership traits.
He is always ready to discuss and contribute his quota to the economic emancipation of the Kwara North Region. He is not a typical politician. He is a man of principle who will say what he can do and not just make a noise just because he needs to.

He has constantly engaged his community and stakeholders across the Kwara North Region on developmental issues. “For Kwara North to rise and live up to expectations, there must be serious commitment across the board” – He regularly reiterates. He has the vision to bring quality representation to his people by listening and presenting the yearnings of his people at the uppermost legislative chambers of our land.

As the son of the soil, he is in the know about the challenges and issues affecting Kwara North and has identified solutions that can be collectively installed to stem the tide of the challenges ravaging the region. He does not claim to know all: as this will be impractical to say. He has a plan and wants his people to hold him accountable.

Kwara North has always had its fair share of lackluster leadership and representation. This is one of the few times the region is having a cerebral and sincere personality who is not only grassroots but also learned vying for a position that is very integral to the region. This is the reason a lot of people particularly the youths and women are rooting for him because of his practical and people-oriented approach.

A new wave of change is sweeping across the Kwara North region. A wave so big that is threatening the status quo. Kolo Baba Jiya is interacting with the people directly. Engaging, soliciting, and breaking the hegemony that has prevented real development in Kwara North. A new Kwara North is coming; Kolo Baba Jiya is championing the cause. He will succeed if we consider his solutions and allow him to bring them to reality.

Mohammed Amir Emi Tsadza Writes from Lafiagi



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