The Glo-sponsored drama series, The Village Headmaster, is now in its 36th episode, with a blend of love, beauty and pageantry displayed on the streets of Oja village.

It is the season of love and to celebrate, the Headmaster has organised a Valentine Fiesta for the school and the village. As part of the exciting activities at the Fiesta, he decided to include the live viewing of the beauty pageant show. This will also give the people of Oja Village the opportunity to cheer on Teacher Ese and be a part of it.


In the spirit of love and to ensure that more people get involved with the Valentine’s Day celebration, the Headmaster and Shanko embarked on a mission to convince Mazi Chinedu to attend the Fiesta with Nurse Stella. The mission was accomplished as Mazi Chinedu agreed to be at the event, but it seems like this decision might spoil the fun for others – such as Udoh and Angie.


After successfully convincing Mazi Chinedu of the need to be at his grandmother’s side during her illness, Udoh and Angie make their way to the Valentine Fiesta. In the midst of all the fun and excitement, Udoh runs right into Mazi Chinedu at the event, thus exposing his lies. Will Udoh be able to find a way out of this situation? Will Mazi Chinedu be just as forgiving as it’s a joyous event? By the way, did Teacher Ese win the pageantry? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.


Meanwhile, more trouble seems to be making its way to Mazi Chinedu. His secret relationship with Nurse Stella may have been blown out in the open, as Nurse Stella’s mother is in Oja Village with high demands and the determination to ensure that Mazi Chinedu agrees to her demands. What could Nurse Stella’s mother be demanding for? Will Nurse Stella be able to calm her mother and help the situation or will she fan the flames?

Blackmailers, they say, have no limits and Teacher Idemudia may have fallen into the hands of one of such. Teacher Idemudia is at the mercy of Teacher Iginla, who found out that his certificate was fake and decided to use it to make money. Teacher Idemudia is concerned that Teacher Iginla will not fulfil his own end of the bargain, so he seeks advice from the Headmaster by claiming that a friend was being blackmailed. Will the Headmaster be able to proffer a solution for the said friend? Will the Headmaster find out what really happened?


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