By Abdulrasheed Akogun

Nigeria, like many other countries, has its fair share of issues when it comes to the conduct of uniformed men. However, what is concerning is the tendency of Nigerians to amplify and focus on the unprofessional exhibitions of these individuals, without acknowledging and celebrating in equal measures, those who are dedicated to their duty and exhibit professionalism in their work.

Yesterday, I experienced a situation that highlighted this penchant nature of Nigerians. After finishing three grueling exams at Kwara State University, Malete, I was not only famished but also extremely thirsty. The scorching sun made it even worse, and my attempts to find cold drinks proved unsuccessful. Thus, I resigned to fate and headed back to ilorin. Along the way, I was stopped on the road by officials of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), just before the Jebba/Bode-Saadu express-crossing to Shao.

These uniformed men politely stopped me, requesting for my licences and paper, the first statement that unconsciously came out of my mouth was I’m famished and thirty. Ironically, while I was scolding myself silently, I noticed the officials showing genuine concern.

They offered me an extremely cold Coca-Cola, tailor made for my situation and even gave me some mangoes. Their professionalism and kindness were truly admirable.

Unfortunately, my thirst and hunger made it difficult for me to fully appreciate their gesture and think clearly. I regret not being able to take a group photograph with them as a way to document the encounter.

That notwithstanding, I want to take this opportunity to celebrate and commend these unsung heroes. While I only managed to remember the names of two of the five men I encountered, Mr. Aloba and Mr. Sulyman, I believe that all of them deserve recognition and appreciation.

I kindly request anyone reading this to shower these individuals with prayers. They deserve our support and encouragement for their dedication to their duty and their ability to demonstrate professionalism, even in the most challenging circumstances.

While it is important to address the unprofessional behavior of some uniformed men in Nigeria, it is equally crucial to highlight and commend those who exhibit professionalism and perform their duties diligently.

By doing so, we can foster a better understanding and appreciation for the hard work and sacrifices made by these individuals.

Abdulrasheed Akogun is an Ilorin based multiple award-winning Investigative Journalist



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