Bursting onto the scene with an explosive act to kick off the year, the multi-talented music-artiste Ehans Gyan unleashes his latest musical masterpiece, the highly anticipated single “Table Manners (Cho Cho Cho).”

In this brand new offering, Gyan captivates music lovers by seamlessly intertwining the timeless wisdom of the age-old adage “Talk less when you eat” with the gritty cadences of contemporary street slang, masterfully blending “Cho Cho Cho” and “Cha Cha Cha” into a mesmerising and enchanting lyrical experience.

Wielding witty lyrics, hypnotic rhyme patterns, and melodies that envelop the listener from the first intoxicating notes, Gyan has undoubtedly crafted far more than just a song – he has woven a profound message that resonates with all who surrender their ears.

Delving into the inspiration behind his music, Gyan shares that his music has always been a channel for his innermost emotions and the profound truths he tends to share. ‘It is how I communicate, a direct line into my soul, that allows me to share my thoughts, feelings, and unique perspectives with the world. Those who listen are more than just fans; they are my people, my family with whom I share an unbreakable bond.’

Meticulously mixed and mastered by the acclaimed sonic architect Tony Edge, the snippets of “Table Manners (Cho Cho Cho)” first graced the airwaves via Gyan’s social interactive platform, Snapchat, where he shares the intricacies of his life and passions, as they intertwined with his music.

This record serves as Gyan’s debut single for the year 2024, following a trail of critically acclaimed previous projects, including “Everything I Do,” “Sacrifices,” “Lexus Is250,” “Gimme Update,” “Who Dey,” and many more.

“Table Manners (Cho Cho Cho)” is now available across all major streaming platforms,

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