OAP Dotun has taken to Instagram to react to recent happenings in the country and in the entertainment industry. 

According to the media personality, people are never sure of what they will wake up to in Nigeria. 

Noting that some people derive so much joy seeing others unhappy, Dotun added that we have become so vile, vengeful, unassuming, and oppressive. The media personality stated that people shouldn’t be building a “legacy of problems for their generations”, by ensuring that others don’t have peace.

He wrote; 

In this Nigeria especially, you have no idea what you would wake up to.

Some people these days derive so much pleasure seeing others unhappy. We have become so vile, vengeful, unassuming and oppressive. Don’t be the reason why someone people can’t find peace cos you are automatically building a legacy of problems for your generation.

It might not be your kids but your grandkids.

Karma no dey ever forgive! 



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