Artist Profile.

Artist Name: Ndiodimma Thaddeus Izuchukwu
Stage Name: I.Z DSG
Genre: Afro Rap Fusion
Resident State: Cross State
State of origin: Anambra State
Project Releases: 4 singles (Stay, Produced by Teddy Banty. Do am 4me ft Yung Shal Gro produced by Bstar Naughtybeatsmaker. Show you ft Teddy Banty produced by Jacob Lethel Beats.

Help ft Tushi Gucci produced by Bstar Naughtybeatsmaker.)
Managed by: Hitmakersng
Education: Mechanical Engineering at the prestigious Federal University of Petroleum Resources Effurun (FUPRE) Delta State.

The Afro-rap sensation is on his way to becoming a south south Rap god and a global competitor.As he edge closer and closer to breaking through with his fluid rhyme schemes, equipped with rich lyrical content that will leave you agape.

For I.Z DSG on any song, whether his solo single or a collaboration, it’s another medium of sending a clear message to his audience and the potential ones. I.Z DSG is an abbreviation for I.Z as Izuchukwu and DSG as Dah Sharp Guy. As the rapper looks forward to creating a clear brand movement. In his words “I’ve always been a shy person but that doesn’t mean that I’m not a sharp guy, as in fact’ I’m the sharpest person alive.” And so I want to build my brand circled around other sharp personalities and enlighten more people that comes across my sound to be sharp, if not for anything but; the world is now a very smart place, everyone has to be sharp to survive.

I.Z DSG has always been a song writer since childhood, even though he never had the opportunity to perform any of his singles not until 2017 when he was motivated by a real friend Zino who as at that time was already recording and performing music. And then he made his first single. The rest of the story has been a great journey and experience as he had made mistakes, failed, win and learned.

The Cross River State born artist is still on the way of finding templates that works for him, and also sorting out his finances as he revealed “as a good creative and or good musical artist, the common problem has always been financial aid to support and push the reach of a good song.” But everything will all come together as time goes on, as in fact if you believe you’ll achieve what may look like a mere dream.


On his recent projects, I.Z DSG has a big project he’s working on as revealed by his manager (Mr Manager). “Yes, I.Z DSG has so much in stock for his fanbase, but we’ll be putting out his projects carefully and strategically to ensure a formidable brand identity is created and the rapper is appreciated well for his genius.”
I.Z DSG is currently anticipating a hit single as it is being strategically roll out with a tag “song of the year.” The song is titled “Help” as it was grease with rich lyrical content and fluid flow by I.Z DSG and specifically assisted by Cross River State most sort out vocalist Tushi Gucci.

It’s a joy to wait for this mega hit and it’s more joy to know that it’s surely the song of the year.
I.Z DSG is born to the Ndiodimma family, an Igbo family from Ihial LGA in Anambra State and now reside in Akpet in Biase LGA, Cross River State, all in Nigeria.

You can say the rapper has a dual state of origin and this will be a good tug of war between both States on where the rap star belongs to as his fanbase keeps expanding.



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