Kwara Idol Reality Show is a musical entertainment competition, in a public event, designed to identify, groom, support and award outstanding musical ensembles, soloists and musicologists.

The brand create avenues for young Talents in Nigeria, availing them a platform to showcase and unleash their innate potentials to the world and help them through industry challenges that may hinder their growth prospect in the highly competitive entertainment business environment.

All over the world, young people constitutes the largest chunk of the demography and considered a vital segment of the society. Besides numerical superiority, the young peoples’ vigor, creativity and innovative ideas are also society’s springboard unto the nation’s anticipated greatness.

Young people in any society are the future of that society; they, therefore serve as pace setters, as their energies, creativity, character and vistas of the foreseeable future define the pace of development of any nation.

Through mobilization, sensitization and reward mechanisms for positive creativity and innovation, which Kwara Idol is championing, young people can be propelled to engage in activities that will, in the end, better their individual lots and collectively good of the society.

KWARA IDOL is a widely known brand in the entertainment industry within and outside Kwara state. The
brand debuts in 2018 with the Season I and the Season II was held in 2019 before the surge of the novel COVID-19 pandemic which truncated the chain of progress of the reality show.

Since its first Season in 2018, many youths have shown massive interest in the twists and turns which have become a regular part of the show.

Past winner of Kwara Idol includes crooner of the Airtel “444” the trending “Adulthood Na scam
anthem” crooner, Lade who was the winner of Season II of the Show and the music duo 2S’M who won the maiden Season.

More information :
IG: Kwara_Idol
Facebook : Kwara Idol
Twit: Kwara Idol

Banke: 07036996030
Femi : 07030104188
Ben : 07039297292



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