Nigerian singer Hi-Speed opines that music is one of the notable things uniting Africa.

The fascinating singer held that African musicians are doing incredibly well in putting the continent in the positive spotlight despite all the negative stories people in the diaspora read about Africa.

Hi-Speed further added that the unrelenting habit and the fighting spirit African musicians possess is part of why music from the continent has dominated the globe.

“Hardly will you get to any part of the world and not listen to African songs, and the moment these songs play, you will see Africans dancing and showing love to one another.”

“The drive and fighting spirit that African musicians have is quite applaudable. They are not stopping; this is why the entire world is now paying attention to our songs,” he added in a chat with entertainment journalist Babatunde Oluwole.

Hi-Speed, who has become a household name in Africa, further stipulated that “there are a lot of negative stories about Africa on the international media, but for entertainment, especially music, the news is always palatable and positive.”



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