Delve into the heartwarming melody of Rachel Akai’s ‘An Expression (Gratitude)’ and immerse yourself in a musical experience like no other. This soul-stirring single is a heartfelt expression of thankfulness, taking listeners on a transformative journey from despair to hope, guided by the Holy spirit’s divine touch. Don’t miss the chance to uplift your spirit and strengthen your faith – download ‘An Expression (Gratitude)’ now and let its enchanting notes inspire a sense of joy and gratefulness in your life. Embrace the beauty of worship and embrace the power of thankfulness as you revel in this captivating masterpiece.

About Rachel Akai

Meet Rachel Akai, the enchanting Nigerian gospel artist whose music resonates with the deepest corners of the soul. With her heavenly voice and unwavering commitment to worship, Rachel has embarked on a transformative journey, touching hearts and elevating spirits through her soulful gospel melodies.

A Musical Calling:

From an early age, Rachel’s undeniable passion for music was evident. Growing up in the serene town of Pupusola in New Oko Oba, Lagos state, she was immersed in a rich musical atmosphere, nurtured by her parents, Mr. Sam and Mrs. Glory, who recognized her extraordinary talent. As the second child in a family of six, Rachel’s upbringing was filled with love, encouragement, and an unwavering support for her dreams.

The University of Lagos Journey:

Fueling her musical aspirations, Rachel pursued higher education at the prestigious University of Lagos. Her time as an undergraduate not only honed her vocal prowess but also deepened her understanding of the power of music in worship and praise. Here, she laid the foundation for her future as a singer, songwriter, and minister of gospel music.

An Inspiring Genre:

Rachel Akai’s unique style of gospel and soul music sets her apart in the industry. Blending the raw emotions of soul with the spirituality of gospel, her songs become a conduit for listeners to

experience profound moments of connection with the divine. The Holyspirit serves as her eternal muse, guiding her every lyric and note.


Ministering Through Music:

Beyond captivating stages and recording studios, Rachel finds fulfillment in ministering to congregations as a choir coordinator at the esteemed Chapel of Choice Ministry, pastored by the renowned Pst. Sam Akai. Her role as a minister allows her to lead others in genuine worship, fostering an atmosphere of spiritual reverence and praise.

Passions Beyond Music:

Rachel’s life extends beyond the boundaries of music. Her insatiable thirst for knowledge and the joy she derives from teaching others make her a true advocate for imparting wisdom. Furthermore, she finds respite in exploring different cultures through travel, savoring new experiences that enrich her musical expression.

Singing from the Heart:

When Rachel Akai is not captivating audiences with her soul-stirring voice, she can often be found in the kitchen, cooking up delectable delights. Her love for cooking is a testament to her nurturing spirit, which she extends to her music, creating harmonies that soothe and heal.

A Journey of Grace:

At 27 years old, Rachel’s journey has just begun. With a heart full of grace and a voice that transcends earthly boundaries, she continues to inspire and uplift those who come into contact with her music. Her dedication to worship, unwavering faith, and passion for impacting lives through soulful gospel melodies promise a future filled with even greater heights of musical excellence.

Follow Rachel Akai on her spiritual odyssey as she harmonizes hearts and rekindles the spirit of worship in the hearts of all who encounter her soul-stirring gospel music.



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